Appraisals – Business & Assets

John W. Zoellner – Appraiser Qualifications
Business Certified Appraiser (BCA)*

Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (MCMEA)*
Certified Firearms Appraiser
Zoellner Appraisal Qualifications

Business Appraisal / Valuation (they mean the same thing)

We have appraised just about every type business – Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Retail, Restaurant, and Professional practices such as Doctor’s Groups and Accounting practices.  We have also valued Medical Licenses – an intangible Asset – they often have a lot of value as in most instances the business couldn’t operate without it.

Machinery & Equipment (M&E) Appraisals (Personal Property Assets)

We have appraised just about every type equipment there is, including manufacturing equipment such as machine tools and printing presses, to business vehicles to store fixtures and everything in between. 

The Purpose for Appraisals has included Business Planning, Buying or Selling a Business, Succession Planning, Estate Planning, Gifting, Obtaining Loans, determining the value of marital property in a Divorce or property owned by an Estate, Partner Buy-Out or Buy-In, Litigation Support, and others.

Our Clients have included Business Owners, Business Buyers, Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers or other Lenders, and anyone wanting and needing to know the value of a Business, of Machinery & Equipment, or any Business Asset.

Size of Businesses have ranged from businesses with Annual Revenues of $100,000 or less to $100 million.  We’ve appraised one piece of equipment and we’ve appraised over 100 major pieces for one assignment.  Geography – We’ve appraised Businesses and Machinery & Equipment across the United States.

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*The Small Business Administration (SBA) requires appraisals to be signed by a “qualified source”, i.e. an Appraiser that is accredited by one of six recognized organizations.
BCA & MCMEA Certifications meet that requirement.