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Client 4208 – Electrical Contractor
For over 4 decades this firm has provided Electrical Contractor services for both residential and commercial clients – roughly 50% each.  The Business charges a trip charge and hourly rates that are consistent with other contractors.  Growth is available – the Owner is selective and turns down business as he is not interested in being busier.  Jobs that are available but could take weeks are often not bid as that could prevent taking care of current customers.

Client 4206 – Engineering Design & Sales
With over four decades of engineering experience, the Company provides high quality products to serve the needs of their customers.  They listen, design, and deliver the best products to cover a wide variety of industrial applications in the power generation, petro-chemical, chemical, utilities, select manufacturers, and others.  Their solutions / products are sold under their Corporate name, which leads to repeat Business.  The Company for the most part sells to US-based companies.  Product installation is literally around the world.

Client 4204 – Lift/Elevator Products for the Home
The company serves Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, and Indianapolis.  The company provides the complete process of selling, installing, and servicing elevators and lifts, both residential and commercial.  A primary goal is ensuring customer service exceeds expectations and that the process from beginning to end is handled professionally, adhering to all safety codes and permit requirements.

Client 5038 – Individual or Multi-location Franchisees are Welcome
Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) based fitness is the latest, hottest, and safest new form of full-body training in the US.  EMS is FDA approved, uses electrical stimulation technology to engage all major muscles to deliver a full-body workout in only 20 minutes.  It is low-to-no impact that is used by elite athletes (Usain Bolt, Federer, Nadal, etc.) to Parkinson’s patients – its client-base and versatility is boundless.  Equivalent to 2.5 hours of training in a conventional gym, it is one of the most efficient fitness trainings.  Electrical Stimulation fitness concept is well proven across the world – it is well-researched and ripe for explosive growth in the US.