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Distribution and Wholesale
Client 1048 Specialized Paint and Coatings Distributor
Letter of Intent in Place

The Business sells specialized paint and coatings to Original Equipment Manufacturers.  The Products are for specific needs and have special characteristic; the Service provided by the Business is the real reason that roughly 90% of their Sales are recurring.

Client 2096 Foundry
The Business has casting capabilities and processes that few foundries have.  They specialize in producing Aluminum and Bronze sand castings.  They primarily focus on producing large Air Set Aluminum castings up to 10 feet cubed and weigh up to 6,500 pounds.  Size and complexity of castings attract and retain customers.  They have many processes in house that other competitors must outsource such as NDT – X-Ray and LPI, Heat Treat, and a fully calibrated Lab.  They can produce from one or a few pieces to a very large number of parts.  Customers include Aerospace, Military/Defense, Automation, and OEM customers.  They have certifications including AS9100 and ISO9001.  They have talented and capable management in place and are rarely late on deliveries and low internal issues.

Client 3143 Hardware Store – Eastern Cincinnati Area
This is a typical, full service, independent hardware store east of the Greater Cincinnati area. It has everything and more that a hardware store should have, including the slower moving and /or hard to find items the big box retailers don’t carry.

Service and Other
Client 4170 Virtual Service Business
Description.  The Business offers a Home Warranty to home inspectors for them to provide to home buyers as part of their inspection service prior to a home being purchased.  The warranty continues for 90 days or 21 days after the Closing of the sale of the property.  It provides coverage for things that were missed in the inspection report such as plumbing, electrical, built-in appliances, climate control, foundation, framework, roofing, walls, and garage doors.

Started in 2001, the Business became a virtual business in 2010.  A new website and shopping cart went online in July 2019.

Client 4172 Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Control Business
The Business provides Lawn, Weed Control, & Pest Control programs based on customer wants or needs to approximately 1,000 customers.  Services include pre-emergent crabgrass control, guaranteed weed control, and fertilizer applications.  They DO NOT cut grass or provide any other landscape services.

Client 4168 Construction Equipment Sales, Service, Rental
The Business provides sales, service, parts & rental of light dirt construction equipment and heavy-duty jobsite forklifts and telehandlers.  Established nearly four decades ago, the Business represents a premier manufacturer of HD telehandlers, a leader in worldwide forklifts and innovative rotating telehandlers, and other well-known and desired brands.

Client 4146 Excavation Demolition Contractor 
The Company provides Commercial Excavation Services including Land clearing, Site preparation, Drainage, Earth moving, Storm and Sanitary sewer, Backfill, Rough and finish grade, Clean-up, and Trenching. They also provide Demolition Services including Building Demolition, Land Clearing Demolition, and House Demolition.