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Owning and operating a Business is Hard! Finding expertise to make it easier is or should be a goal. The expertise can be from a Board of Advisors, Board of Directors, and individuals or organizations that provide various types of expertise. The following are things that a Business Owner can do and individuals and entities that we have worked with and recommend.

Board of Advisors. 

Please take a look at   Business Advisory Board 2019

Scott M. Ellsworth, Fractional Leadership

Cell: 513-520-1445

Scott has 25+ years’ experience managing manufacturing companies. His desired role in businesses is to be a fractional or interim CEO or COO. His philosophy is simple- develop your management team and employees to reach their full potential. They are the heart and soul of your company- if they don’t succeed, your company won’t succeed. Scott’s role will allow you to have more time away from your business, knowing that your company is in good hands. 

Finding this kind of leadership is difficult, especially when you may not be looking to make a permanent hire. That’s where fractional leadership comes in. You can get the highly experienced leadership that your company needs without committing to a long-term hire and the costs that come with it. If you’re ready to explore that next step with your business, without obligation, please contact Scott to discuss how fractional management can add value to your business.

Davis Berning, Regis Investments

Cell: 513-460-4944

Dennis Berning, a previous 20- year president of his family business, has been dedicated in building the company and has provided a very wide range of experience in all vital areas of business management and ownership issues. He says, “My experience here includes the execution of over 500 leases and renewals, initiation of multiple millions of dollars in long- and short-term loans, well over ten million dollars in real estate acquisitions and the management of these properties”. He is a skilled freelancer that helps family and privately held business. Also, Dennis Berning is experienced in guidance, counseling, and advisory with businesses. He has recently started freelancing, project consulting and filling in as an interim executive to family and privately held businesses.

Julie Rowland, Quadrivium-Advisors

Cell: 513-659-5728 


Julia Rowland, an entrepreneur, knows first hand the challenges you face building a business based on your skills or talent, and special product or services. “It’s tough for a small business owner to go it alone and look objectively at their business when they are constantly putting our fires. It’s not surprising; entrepreneurs have little opportunity to learn how to take control of their business- and keep it. That’s where I come in.” Julia Rowland has worked with business owners, professionals and executives with a lot of unique industries. Her style is focused, structured, and goal- directed. She says, “ I take my clients through a step by step process where I identify key problems and develop a plan of positive action”. She states that the core of all her coaching and her motivation- is to reconnect entrepreneurs with the passion that led them to create their business.

Chris Meibers, FocusCFO

Cell:  513-310-6350    

LinkedIn Profile:

Chris and the team at FocusCFO are experienced financial executives aiming to help small and mid-size businesses achieve their Growth Goals and Maximize Value.  An experienced CFO engages with your business and other trusted advisors to help assess your financial health and develop a strategic road map that aligns with your company’s goals.  Chris and the FocusCFO team specialize in helping those companies who have specific financial challenges and will benefit from Full-Time Solutions at a Fractional Cost.  While challenges are unique to each business, some of the most common areas that they provide value are cash flow improvement, development of accounting systems, proper growth strategy, timely financials, bank financing, or consideration of a business transition or investment transaction.  “Our team has a great amount of depth and breadth across industries, which means we come to each of our clients with a wealth of experience, resource, and perspective”.  Chris adds, “We work closely with our clients to understand the company’s current level of health, develop a detailed plan, and then work as part of their management team to achieve results”.